Indonesian FOOD

One of my favorite things was being able to eat traditional Indonesian dishes every night. Some things that have been so familiar to me as a kid growing up.


Sauté with (left to right) kecap, peanut sauce, acar, rice, and coup

The food is very unique to Indonesia itself, but can be compared to a mix of Indian, Philippine, and Thai food.  Lots of sauté, coconut milk, tons of spices & herbs.  There are not a lot of milky or buttery desserts as in many Western and European cultures.  Most of their desserts are fruit, or coconut milk based.


Kolak-banana and sweet yam in coconut milk and brown sugar


I tried “creme brûlée” with a twist. It was in a cacao bean and topped with cashews and my favorite,  jackfruit


Klepon, coconut covered mocha-type outside with a brown sugar filling

Cendol_in_a_GlassCendol is another favorite, coconut milk and brown sugar on the bottom with then little green rice jelly.kue-bolu-kukus Bolukukus is like a cupcake, but made from coconut milk.
5183876445_9220f572beForm of jello made from coconut milkEs-CampurEs Campur is another favorite-it is basically shave ice with a LOT of condense milk and fresh fruit!

The fruit is quite unique, tastes and textures that wouldn’t be seen anywhere else.



IMG_0933 IMG_1802

The coffee is world renowned

IMG_1662 IMG_0944


Nusa Dua // Bali, Indonesia

To an extent, the town of Nusa Dua is comparable to the Beverly Hills of California.  This area is more geared towards tourism.IMG_9211 IMG_9212 IMG_9213 IMG_9216On the peninsula sits a park built to represent different countries. Each tree in the park was planted by a different country.IMG_9218 IMG_9219On the opposite side is a trail to the waterhole.IMG_9220 IMG_9222 IMG_9225Even though we were close to the water, the humidity and heat was overwhelming.  It was nice to be able to swim everyday in such tropical beauty!

Coffee made from Poop // Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The Luwak Civet Coffee Farm, home of the most expensive coffee in the world.  The plantation is full of rich trees of different plants and herbs; it is said that Indonesia is so rich and dense of nutrients that whatever seed you drop on the ground will grow into a tree.  But the main treat was the Luwak Coffee-made of literal mongoose poop.  In the past, people would go into the  rainforest and collect the poop to make the coffee, but now that there is a plantation, they can house some of them themselves.

The mongoose only eat the best coffee beans-very picky and smart animals.  The seed them ferments in their stomach until it is excreted. Then, once collected, they sift through all the seeds and let it dry in the sun.  The outer layer of the bean is shed one by one by hand, and then put back into the sun for a day or so.  Once that is done, they put the beans little by little under fire and sift it until it is able to be ground.IMG_8943IMG_8939IMG_8948IMG_8949IMG_8947It amazes me that they still make the coffee by hand, and are able to export such mass amounts of it!  We walked along turmeric, cacao, and ginger, and then were able to enjoy coffee and tea while overlooking the green rice paddies of Ubud. IMG_8957

ginger tea and coffee, lemon tea, chocolate coffee, and others with a cup of Luwak (the white one:)

ginger tea and coffee, lemon tea, chocolate coffee, and others with a cup of Luwak (the white one:)


IMG_8967 IMG_8982


SO GREEN so beautiful! It was a nice rest before the Monkey forest… 😉

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Bali, Indonesia // Country of Family Origin

Bali is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

My family immigrated from Indonesia when my parents were small-mother’s family is from Jakarta, and daddy’s is from Surabaya.  It is so cool to finally experience the culture I have kind of grown up with, my grandparents have so many stories of Indonesia. Everything is strangely familiar even though I myself have never been here until now.  I think it is just because the foods and language are so comfortable-“my grandma’s house” kind of feel.

We arrived late at night, and in a short time my parents began to speak Bahasa pretty fluently. I’ve heard the language all my life, but always so frustrated I was never taught. This trip I am finally trying to learn-picking it up from my parents and the people. My goal is to be fluent! If I keep speaking it to my grandparents back home I hope it will be true.

We are staying in the Imperial Suite at InterContinental hotel, and I think this tops any vacation we have been on.  Two bedrooms, a private pool (aka many midnight swims), 4 bathrooms, a dining room, and a living room; it is like a mini house! Apparently the President of Indonesia stayed here. so sick.

IMG_9103 IMG_9105 IMG_9108 IMG_9111

not a bad spot to blog

not a bad spot to blog

The resort is something of a dream

IMG_0940 IMG_0941 IMG_1661 IMG_9312 IMG_9316 IMG_9326

The first day we spent lounging at the pool, like we did many other days 🙂

my dad and I woke up early (out of excitement) to walk down the beach and see the local people fishing.  Later we made it down to the shops, and splurged a little.


Jimbaran Bay

IMG_0939 IMG_8697 IMG_8696Clothing here is extremely cheap, I got a pair of flow pants for I think about $2. I got to use these instances to practice some Bahasa! The people here are so kind and open.  My excitement could not be contained, I miss it so much!

More adventures of Bali to come,


Beijing, China

The last 3 days in China was set largely site seeing, many of the places I have visited before! I’ll just post some pictures to recap 🙂 Some of the sights I wasn’t able to see last time.

Temple of Heaven
IMG_8530 IMG_8549

The Forbidden City

IMG_8654 IMG_8664 IMG_8577The Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City I have been to before, but it was fun to experience them again with my family.

The Summer PalaceIMG_8563 IMG_8640 IMG_8633 IMG_8624 IMG_8587 IMG_8580The Summer Palace was beautiful, but after the Great Wall climbing the stairs up and around to the lake were PAINFUL. The palace is an excursion that definitely takes maybe a whole day rather than a couple hours just because it is so big and requires so much climbing!

One tourist thing that everyone must do is shop at the Black Pearl Market-full of good quality, goods. Counterfits that look so real people couldn’t notice.


On to Bali!

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