Day 11 // Roma

Roma mi amores! Where is my Paulo?

Our tour guide that day was named Paulo, very very Italian man.  Rome is a must see there is no doubt about it, I mean, by the number of impacted tourists I think you could guess that.  We trekked through the Colosseum to the Vatican!

Outside IMG_1746 IMG_1714


The Colosseum was built with bronze holdings…later the people returned to take the bronze, hence the holes all over the place!


the underground tunnels for the gladiators

the underground tunnels for the gladiators

smirkin' as usual

smirkin’ as usual


It amazes me how this was built in such an ancient time.  All types of animals, even elephants :,( would be brought in to fight against the Gladiators.  They even used to flood the inside and bring ships in for a water battle.

Many of these go-to sites were going under major renovation, I tried to avoid taking pictures of the scaffolding or construction sights in the Colosseum, but it was impossible with the Trevi Fountain 😦


sister was so so heartbroken, she even shed a little tear.  It is going under over a year of reconstruction!  We we’re bummed but it didn’t stop us from tossing in a coin into the little pool they had. oh whale.

Then we experienced the most picturesque lunch on the trip, rooftop style 🙂

crazy-chick fantasy: I decided black and white is going to be my wedding color scheme

crazy-chick fantasy: I decided black and white is going to be my wedding color scheme



another picture overlooking another grand city

Then to the Vatican! Did you know that Vatican City is actually considered its own country?

IMG_1781 IMG_1784





the steps were built so that horses could run up them! for royals. kind of like their version of an escalator apparently. You can barely see the incline here

Everyone goes because of the amazing architecture and artwork, but honestly it is jaw dropping.  Maybe that is because your head it always looking upwards?



it looks 3D right? but its FLAT.


But really tho, I got a headache after looking up for so long. I can’t believe Michelangelo spent years looking upwards…and painting something so magnificent.  No pictures or noise were allowed at the famous ceiling of God and Adam..sorry guys!

The Holy Door, only opened every 25 years on the Jubliee Year


Then into St. Peter’s Basilica

IMG_1818 IMG_1823 IMG_1833 IMG_1847



Where the pope lives!

"pope-y where you at?"

“pope-y where you at?”

The outside views



looking out Vatican City

IMG_1872 IMG_1868

oh I remember I was so relived to get fresh air haha. Such wonderful sights, but I definitely have to say getting through the entire thing was pretty tough-cramped corners, tons of people, and heat.

Until next time Rome 🙂

The next post is my very last post about the trip! *sighs* One more gorgeous place! Other than Barcelona it was my favorite, so you’re going to want to go and check it out 🙂 subscribe if you like !

Much Love,


oo took another look at this to realize how exhausted (and oily!) I look in these pictures..oh man..haha

it was a tiring day! but no complaints here ❤

Day 10 // Pisa and Florence

I remember this was a very long and hot day, but we got in some great sights which made it all worth it.  The ship docked right in the middle between Pisa and Florence, about an hour or so away from each by our tour bus.  Any other time I would’ve thought these long drives to be utterly inconvenient and annoying, but because of late nights on the ship and not much rest I was so grateful to catch some extra zzzs!

Our tour group was smaller, which was really nice.  If there is an option to take a smaller group tour I highly recommend it; it may cost a little more, but it is so so worth it.  More personal, less stressful, more enjoyable-I mean just looking at those massive waves of people gave me anxiety.  We headed out early around 7-7:30am (yikes!) and took about an hour and a half drive to the magnificent Pisa.


the square


cute little thing in the back


see us?

see us?

P1010226 IMG_1590 IMG_1651


you can still get to the top! But with our time we decided not to do that.  It is smaller than I imagined it to be, although nonetheless awe-ing.  BIG TIP: GO EARLY. We got there around 8am, and you can see there are quite a number of people around, too many to be able to take the pictures without a stranger in the background.  But by 8:30am, the place was entirely flooded; you have to wiggle around people, mostly groups of ‘leaning’ picture takers.  I wish I stopped and took a picture of every person that did that oh-so tourist ‘push’ pose against the Pisa..could’ve made an entire album full (an a very amusing one at that).

It didn’t seem like much time until we jumped back on the bus for a two-hour ride (nap #2!) to Florence!

stopped to look over the city <3

stopped to look over the city ❤

After this picturesque moment we headed to the Academia where the infamous ‘David’ stands.  Being one of the most visited cities by tourists, it took a while to get into the museum, and that was with a scheduled visit with a tour.  I guess that is tip #2 ! Tours can be great especially for these tourist saturated, must-see, places.  Everyone wants to see the David, but not everyone at once can enter in the same time (obviously).  Private tours can save you some time and stress-I’m not saying you won’t wait in a line at all, but probably a lot less (and a lot less of a headache) when everything is planned out for you.

The David.  There is so much detail and attention to this one piece-it kind of blows your mind away: the muscles, veins, stance.  David is intended as the ‘perfect’ physique..well except for his oversized hands.  Make no mistake, that was no a mistake (heh)! Completely intended as the focal point by the genius artist.  We were so fortunate to be able to take pictures..and legally!  This is the first year ever that they are allowing photographs to be taken of The David.



yup booty

yup booty

After gawking for a bit our tour guide we headed back out to the streets.

IMG_1687 IMG_1690


Clock Tower

Our route to lunch conveniently took us to the Basilica di Santa Maria de Fiore-the Duomo. 🙂


It was at least 95 degrees (F) that day, and by this point I was starving…you can see the shininess of our faces lol. After relaxing we got to spend a little time to shop and wander

IMG_1699 IMG_1701

florence is known for their leather

florence is known for their leather..I got a buffalo skin wallet

..and see the bridge!

IMG_1706 IMG_1707


Hot day but happy me 🙂 I wish we got to spend more time here to get a real feel for the city.  I guess that means I’ll just have to go back then! ;P

Much love,


Day 9 // Monaco

Part 2 ! The bus drove us to the other side of the coast on what is called the Middle Corniche-one of the three (lower and higher) roads that go across the Riviera. pretty views



We stopped in Monaco-one of the richest countries in the world, and home of the largest number of million/billionaires.  The same royal family has been in rule for over 700 years!  It felt like I was in one of those fake play towns that was just upscaled-everything is so clean and well kept-and very easy(expensive) on the eyes.


famous Princess Grace married here

IMG_1505 IMG_1529 IMG_1527

the palace of the prince and his sisters

the palace of the prince and his sisters

IMG_1502 IMG_1509

The view of Monte Carlo


Dad and I really struggled trying to get to Monte Carlo-got lost a couple times-walked, took a ferry, ran, caught a bus.  it really shouldn’t have taken us as long as it did. But after about 45 minutes of wandering we made it.  You can feel the wealth everywhere-the people, the buildings, even the butlers and the buses.


the world renowned casino


rolls-royce chillin


we stopped and ate in the famous Hotel de Paris…I think I’ve said “famous this” about seven times all is! all glamorous.



The parking was more a display of cars: porsche, bentley, mercedes.  Even the taxis were yellow cabs around here. BTW FYI it is impossible to catch a cab here-most of the people rent a cab for an entire day, but the buses are in such clean shape it didn’t even seem like a city bus.

couple more pictures to end…


apparently this yellow submarine is something to take note of if you ever go! has it's own instagram!

apparently this yellow submarine is something to take note of if you ever go!…it has it’s own instagram!

Then a nice ride back to Villefranche taking the high Corniche.  We passed by the little town of Eze on the way back.  I remember being so sleepy on the ride i can hardly remember getting back haha.



Have a good Sunday!

Much love,


Day 8 // Nice, France

The day was spent across the French Riviera-caught a tour that would take us to the expanse from Nice to Monaco.  Our ship ferried us to the little town of Villefranche to start…


From here it was a bout a 15 minute drive to our first stop-Nice! I could not believe how buses moved in and around this area.  Such narrow streets and close corners-there were some moments I thought we were going to crash into a building completely.  This also made me realize how much I did not like tours, but I couldn’t complain.  It was the best way to be able to reach both the places we wanted to see and keep safely in the amount of time we had-some of the people we met that weren’t on the tour barely made it back to the ship in time.  This tour didn’t guide us through every street either-just a drop off and pick up from the bus.

Nice is very nice ;P .


wooden playground in the background

IMG_1406 IMG_1459

Me and my dad went straight to the beach, which was about a 5 minute walk from the center! It was my very first experience on a rocky shore, and although lounging there did not seem too pleasant in comparison to the soft sands of CA, I enjoyed every minute of it.  There were not many people = not much noise, which allowed you to hear the gentle roll and touch of the stones as the water pulled in and out: very meditating.  Oddly one of my most memorable moments of the entire trip..just soo peaceful.


wearing two of my best friends on my wrists <3 It's funny..they got me those bracelets on their trips to Europe!

wearing two of my best friends on my wrists


🙂 I remember being a little nervous because I was afraid I ruined my shoes lol

I also got to check “topless tanning in France” off my summer bucket list 😉 ! I’ll spare you the picture of that one though.

Then we strolled back to the center of course to take a gander at the lovely little farmer’s market.  I felt like I was the little Madeline from Paris (the cartoon? coincidence?) and had lived there all my life.  I kept thinking what a relaxing life it would be to have a little apartment here: eat in little cafes, run on the boardwalk, rest on warm stones and cool water, buy groceries from the farmer’s market, etc etc. ugh. I feel the nostalgia coming on.

IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1473

more marzipan!

more marzipan! We bought plenty of these (but not the piggys!)

so much detail in just one little bite

so much detail in just one little bite

IMG_1478 IMG_1479

how can you go to France and not try some of the local cheese!?

how can you go to France and not try some of the local cheese?

Sweetest 17yr old (like me !) who worked the cheese stand with his aunt.

new friend 🙂 sells local cheese

homemade marshmellows

homemade marshmallows

 and can't forget the macaroons

and can’t forget the macaroons !….BOMB btw

So many lovely tastes and smells; we didn’t even buy souvenirs because we spent most (if not all of our Euro that day) on food!  And then we found the local candy store…

candied fruit in the window

candied fruit in the window


chocolate animal orchestra !

chocolate animal orchestra !

We enjoyed ourselves so much we lost track of time…which caused us to be a little late for the bus..oops.  The other people on the tour may not have liked us, but I liked Nice 🙂

More on Monaco tomorrow 🙂

Much love,


Day 7 // Marseilles, France

Marseilles! A town located right on the port.  So cute-very stereotypical of what you would imagine of an old Mediterranean town.  My family didn’t feel like doing the tour thing today (plenty of those the next couple days), so we just took the ferry and ventured off ourselves.

We were first greeted by The Cathedral de la Major


After walking down the streets for a bit we found the center.  Marseilles is the oldest city in all of France!


Notre-Dame de la Garde in the background

IMG_1274 IMG_1298

We were lucky enough to catch the morning fisherman’s market-locals sold fish they literally caught that morning.


yeah there are a couple seahorses


so fresh some were still living !

It was a national holiday that day, so most of the local stores were closed (which we were kind of bummed about).  But at the same time since it was a holiday, not many people were out at all (except for crowds of tourists).  It was nice to stroll the streets without heavy traffic.



IMG_1308 IMG_1310



We did come across an artisan soap shop that was too cute not to include-Marseilles is known for their traditional soaps made from vegetable oils.

IMG_1313 IMG_1315 IMG_1314

We stopped for some ‘lunch’ which equaled to a triple scoop ice cream sundae..and that was just for me ;P

met the most charming French waiter.  I think from our faces you can tell how goo-goo eyed we went for this one lol


While me and my dad wanted to adventure around some more, my little sister wasn’t feeling very well so her and mom headed back to the ship.

We took an attitude of “might as well since we’re here” and decided to hitch the city bus (with a lot of struggle) and took a very windy uphill drive to Notre-Dame de la Garde (remember the last picture?).  It is a beyond GORGEOUS basilica  that sits on top the highest point in Marseilles-looking over the city.

the view

the view


It was built and designed by architect Henri-Jaques Espérandieu-completed in 1864.

The crypt

IMG_1366 IMG_1369 IMG_1368

We climbed a narrow staircase..


I was already pretty amazed by this, so I had comprehension of how blind sighting-ly beautiful the actual chapel would be

IMG_1371 IMG_1372 IMG_1373 IMG_1380


And even though I loved the church, this statue was probably my favorite sight.  Aweing.


We enjoyed our time coming back down..

enjoyed some street snacks of course


candied peanuts

All in all, if you’re looking for an exciting place to be and tons of activities to do, then Marseilles probably would not be for you.  But this little fishermen’s town makes for a perfect day trip to enjoy just being in France! ~ (and life and happiness and just..ahh I miss Europe)

Another post from another place tomorrow! pinky promise ❤

Much love,


Day 6 // onto a cruise…with difficulty

Today we boarded the Liberty of the Seas Royal Caribbean cruise to continue our trip around the Med! Its the second largest boat in their fleet, and I feel like I’m living in another small city-with pool and surfing thingy, gym and sport facilities, spa, theater and art gallery, promenade, clubs and casinos, multiple restaurants and shops, and even a ice skating rink..etc etc. This is my 6th cruise to date, 5th with Royal Caribbean, and probably the busiest one I’ve ever been to-so many people.

It’s a seven day cruise; we unpacked all of our clothing in our suite and went out to discover everything about this place. We are set to head off to Marseilles, France tonight!

Since I am out at sea, it’s impossible to get any wifi until we land in port. And even now or then I don’t know if I’ll be able to get connection to anyone, including the blog! :,( which means these posts may be stalled for a bit. Even trying to write this was a real struggle; I’ll still write and take pictures of course when I get the time! (things are going to be a whole lot busier) But if you don’t hear from me I am sorry my friends. these posts will come whenever I get the opportunity…just maybe the pictures later.

Maybe this no wifi or social media will be good for me; A forced, but much needed detox from all this stuff. I remember last time I went on a cruise the only social media was Facebook-instagram didn’t even exist. But wasn’t it a whole lot easier then?

Hasta Luego ! ❤

Much love,

Day 5 // Barcelona…from the Mountains to the Sea

Another beautiful and warm day here in Barcelona!

finally went for a run in the hotel gym (s/o to my cross country girls at practice back home).  Until today I haven’t been able to get myself up early enough to go workout, and by the time we get back  from sight seeing I’m too tired (or too lazy) to get up and get it done.  I actually have never really used a treadmill before-only been outside on runs by myself or with my team-and while it was kind of nice being the only one in the gym-it became incredibly boring.  After about 4 miles I was so over it.  I did some push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, blah blah

Wandered around, ate a kiwi, which by the way are SO GOOD here (lol random, but I had to mention kiwis somewhere); I don’t know if Spain is known for this fruit in particular or something, but seriously best ones I’ve ever had.  I think I eat like 3 a day now lol.  Met my dad in the cafe around 9am, and decided to go explore the mountain region together! Mom and little sister were still fast asleep, and they’re not exactly the “hiking and nature” kind of people.  Barcelona does not really ‘wake up’ until around 11am, so there were not that many people out, which was nice.

We grabbed a map and hitched on the subwayIMG_1112We got out onto a metropolis area; I was slightly confused for a moment.  Then we made a quick turn to the left to see the Museu of Nacional d’Art de Cataluyna !


IMG_1125 IMG_1128 IMG_1137

IMG_1132This is where they filmed part of “Strut” for the Cheetah Girl’s movie ! 🙂

IMG_1142 IMG_1146Then went to the top!


dad getting artsy

dad getting artsy

IMG_1163Breathtaking view

IMG_1168So this point marked the base of the mountain, or Montujïc.  Our plan was to get to the top where Montujïc Castle sits.

IMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1173We walked until we hit the main road, and then veered off into the trail side of the hill, leading to the botanical gardens walk.  I felt like I was walking through Narnia.

IMG_1174 IMG_1177 IMG_1178 IMG_1179 IMG_1180 IMG_1185 IMG_1186It is really easy to get [wonderfully] lost here, you really have to watch out for the signs! Although I thought it was a pretty perfect place to be lost.  The trail eventually outputted us on the main road, runners and bikers were everywheree.  We walked a little more until we hit the cable car, or the ski lift to the castle!

IMG_1190 IMG_1192 IMG_1210Then we made it!


Montjuïc Castle

signature pose

signature pose


We wandered around for a bit, and then hitched the gondola back down to where we started. Then we had to find another cable car to get from that point of the mountain to the port!  We hiked a couple of hills to realized we were lost lol, but we happened to run by the Olympic shooting range!


IMG_1212We eventually got there


estoy feliz :)

estoy feliz 🙂

IMG_1224After all this walking, running, and hiking I treated myself to not one, but two different gelatos today…haha oh well 😛

By the time we got back to our hotel it was only about 11:30-12, and my mom and sister were just getting down for ‘breakfast’.  Since we did most of the city walking yesterday we hit the beach! 🙂  We went a little off the main drag to avoid the busy tourist crowds, as recommended by some strangers my dad had become friends with, but it was still pretty packed!  Too much of a perfect day to miss.


I look like I'm about to sneeze..but oh how I missed the Med beaches

I look like I’m about to sneeze..but oh how I missed the Med beaches


The Med water is so blue and clear.  Then we ate and relaxed at a local seaside restaurant

P1010144 P1010187 P1010188

traditional spanish paella

traditional spanish paella

A lot of pictures and not a lot of words! But I hope you enjoyed them 🙂 haha.  Tonight was our last night in Catalunya :(, and although I’m so torn about leaving I’m excited for our travels tomorrow!

P1010208BUT you’ll have to read tomorrow to find out where we’re headed 😉 and subscribe if you want<3

Me gusta mucho Barcelona, el sol, y la playa

Me gusta mucho Barcelona, el sol, y la playa

Much love,