Hey there, I’m Maddi {short for Madeline}

18-year-old born and raised in the golden state of California<3-socal local that will be moving to norcal to attend UC Davis in the fall!  And while this state has seemed to encapsulate my heart, my love for travel carries my dreams to live a life of adventure. Both of my parents were born in Indonesia, and coming from a multicultural upbringing, I’ve become extremely interested in learning about all different kinds of people and their heritages.  I think I caught the traveling bug before i caught my first flu, and am lucky to have travelled to as many places as I have; my dream is to reach all ends of the earth!

Writing has been a sort of release for me, and this blog is more of less my outlet (hence the title) to document my life.  From travel and tips, to food, photography, and loving all things California, I hope this blog will give an accurate representation of who I am, as well as be able to connect with others with similar interest!  In doing so, be able to pull apart my own thoughts to help nurture who I am and hope to be.

Much Love<3

be authentic. seek adventure.



Pictures (unless otherwise noted) and are mine. Please do not take or republish without consent.

21 thoughts on “About

  1. christinajavete says:

    Hi, Maddi! You’re so beautiful and smart!! ❤ Thanks for finding me because I know I will love reading your posts and seeing your gorgeous photos! =) I also cannot speak Chinese or Tagalog =( I wish I could but my parents never taught me. Oh well. It's still in our blood!! hehe

  2. holliebowers says:

    i’m literally obsessed with all of your posts. You are an amazing writer. I’m loving all of your adventures. Also, which style did you use to make your blog? Do you have premium? How did you get multiple menus on your front page? I like don’t know anything about how to do this lol

    enjoy the rest of your time in Spain!!

  3. Maddi says:

    Hey! I really don’t know what to say, I’m really really flattered you think so! thank you thank you thank youuu ❤ ❤ I've been enjoying reading yours too and seeing all your pictures! 🙂
    I do have premium & The Forever theme. on your dashboard under posts there is a categories section (for continuous changing page like your trip!) and pages (for like a permanent about me page). you create as many of those as you please and then go to appearance and then there should be a menu tab. Once you get there you can check the boxes to add them to your menu and change format and what not! I hope that helped a little! If theres anything else let me know! I'm literally just figuring things out by playing around with them hahaha
    and have a good rest of your trip as well!

  4. rosephoebe says:

    Hello Maddi! Our blog friends run in the same circles, so I happened upon your lovely blog! Nice to meet you! I’m Phoebe! I’m excited because we share a handful of the same interests! Especially the wonderlusting! I have not however been to many concerts, so that will be fun to read about!
    Looking forward to hearing more

    • Maddi says:

      Hi Phoebe 🙂 Aw nice to meet you too! haha I’m so glad you like! that means a lot 🙂
      I’ll definitely check yours out too soon xoxx

  5. MunkyTalk says:


    Just wanted to drop by to say Hi and that I nominated you guys for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. If you are asking me what it’s for..I don’t really know. I have the rules on my blog, but you can also google it for more information.

    Hope you have fun with it!

    Keep up the good work!

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