Indonesian FOOD

One of my favorite things was being able to eat traditional Indonesian dishes every night. Some things that have been so familiar to me as a kid growing up.


Sauté with (left to right) kecap, peanut sauce, acar, rice, and coup

The food is very unique to Indonesia itself, but can be compared to a mix of Indian, Philippine, and Thai food.  Lots of sauté, coconut milk, tons of spices & herbs.  There are not a lot of milky or buttery desserts as in many Western and European cultures.  Most of their desserts are fruit, or coconut milk based.


Kolak-banana and sweet yam in coconut milk and brown sugar


I tried “creme brûlée” with a twist. It was in a cacao bean and topped with cashews and my favorite,  jackfruit


Klepon, coconut covered mocha-type outside with a brown sugar filling

Cendol_in_a_GlassCendol is another favorite, coconut milk and brown sugar on the bottom with then little green rice jelly.kue-bolu-kukus Bolukukus is like a cupcake, but made from coconut milk.
5183876445_9220f572beForm of jello made from coconut milkEs-CampurEs Campur is another favorite-it is basically shave ice with a LOT of condense milk and fresh fruit!

The fruit is quite unique, tastes and textures that wouldn’t be seen anywhere else.



IMG_0933 IMG_1802

The coffee is world renowned

IMG_1662 IMG_0944


One thought on “Indonesian FOOD

  1. mcea4ever says:

    We enjoyed this article about Indonesian food sweetheart. When you get home Later I will get some of it for you to eat. We miss you so much!

    Love, Nana

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