Bali, Indonesia // Country of Family Origin

Bali is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

My family immigrated from Indonesia when my parents were small-mother’s family is from Jakarta, and daddy’s is from Surabaya.  It is so cool to finally experience the culture I have kind of grown up with, my grandparents have so many stories of Indonesia. Everything is strangely familiar even though I myself have never been here until now.  I think it is just because the foods and language are so comfortable-“my grandma’s house” kind of feel.

We arrived late at night, and in a short time my parents began to speak Bahasa pretty fluently. I’ve heard the language all my life, but always so frustrated I was never taught. This trip I am finally trying to learn-picking it up from my parents and the people. My goal is to be fluent! If I keep speaking it to my grandparents back home I hope it will be true.

We are staying in the Imperial Suite at InterContinental hotel, and I think this tops any vacation we have been on.  Two bedrooms, a private pool (aka many midnight swims), 4 bathrooms, a dining room, and a living room; it is like a mini house! Apparently the President of Indonesia stayed here. so sick.

IMG_9103 IMG_9105 IMG_9108 IMG_9111

not a bad spot to blog

not a bad spot to blog

The resort is something of a dream

IMG_0940 IMG_0941 IMG_1661 IMG_9312 IMG_9316 IMG_9326

The first day we spent lounging at the pool, like we did many other days 🙂

my dad and I woke up early (out of excitement) to walk down the beach and see the local people fishing.  Later we made it down to the shops, and splurged a little.


Jimbaran Bay

IMG_0939 IMG_8697 IMG_8696Clothing here is extremely cheap, I got a pair of flow pants for I think about $2. I got to use these instances to practice some Bahasa! The people here are so kind and open.  My excitement could not be contained, I miss it so much!

More adventures of Bali to come,


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