Beijing, China

The last 3 days in China was set largely site seeing, many of the places I have visited before! I’ll just post some pictures to recap πŸ™‚ Some of the sights I wasn’t able to see last time.

Temple of Heaven
IMG_8530 IMG_8549

The Forbidden City

IMG_8654 IMG_8664 IMG_8577The Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City I have been to before, but it was fun to experience them again with my family.

The Summer PalaceIMG_8563 IMG_8640 IMG_8633 IMG_8624 IMG_8587 IMG_8580The Summer Palace was beautiful, but after the Great Wall climbing the stairs up and around to the lake were PAINFUL. The palace is an excursion that definitely takes maybe a whole day rather than a couple hours just because it is so big and requires so much climbing!

One tourist thing that everyone must do is shop at the Black Pearl Market-full of good quality, goods. Counterfits that look so real people couldn’t notice.


On to Bali!

Much Love,


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