The Great Wall of China~ Mutianyu

The first day in Beijing was a hard hitter!

We stayed at the Red Wall Garden Hotel; this villa like living space is deep in the local community of Beijing.  It was built in resemblance to a hutong, a street or alley way in which the local Chinese people would reside as well as sell goods; a community that all works together.

fabulous courtyard

fabulous courtyard

IMG_8427 IMG_0797We enjoyed a nice breakfast in the courtyard and then headed straight for The Great Wall of China !

congee, bao, shomai, egg fried rice, yam

congee, bao, shomai, egg fried rice, yam

The drive to central Beijing to Mutianyu took about 1 1/2 hours. We got to see the green countryside along the way.  Since the Wall was so high up on the mountain, they had a ski lift that would carry you to the wall, which I highly recommend rather than walking up there yourself.  You would expend all your energy walking to the wall, that there would be little left to actually walk on it.  Whats better was the toboggan ride down: a huge slide you can take on a sled all the way down the mountain.  For a round trip ticket, it cost about 100RMB, which is about $16.

IMG_8267The lift was absolutely terrifying, but equally terrific. The green mountains are so surreal.  Yet, the best was yet to come

IMG_8295 IMG_8326 IMG_8327 IMG_8366

No words to explain how amazing the wall is. We climbed for about an hour or so before we decided to head back.  I definitely underestimated the rigor, and I think a developed a new fear of heights. A solid workout to say the least.

IMG_0752 IMG_0749The Toboggan was definitely my little sisters favorite part.  SO fun!

IMG_0762 IMG_0765My dad got ripped of for some local dried fruits, and then we headed back to the city! We stopped by the great Olympic Park.  I think its corny to say that you can just feel the sense of awe in the nest; You just stare and think about the all world class athletes making history in this place.  Architecturally it is a phenomenon.  The bubbly aquatic center was transformed into a water park, swim club, and theater.

IMG_8397 IMG_8398 IMG_8409Rough and tough day, but so satisfyingly good 🙂 I think the exhaustion definitely helped me catch up with the time change.

More to come!

Much Love,

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