Carry-on Essentials

Packing is always such a daunting task, but the things I put in my carry-on are nearly always the same.  It is important to think about the things you want to have on you always, and it is kind of like holding a piece of home with you on the plane.  Personally, I carry the valuables on me; the things I would die if they got lost on the plane.  While many of these do’s and dont’s may be a little obvious, it is nice to have some sort of list of needs/wants/can’t live without.

DO bring 

  • the valuable electronics such as your laptop, phone, and camera.  While together these seem like a lot, I usually always put them in my carry-on just because they are too valuable to lose.  The laptop is also nice to have during the hour of waiting at the gate to load pictures or catch up on social media.
    • the CHARGERS are important to carry as well! I will leave the camera charger and extra lens in my actual suitcase. Those charging packs for your phone are a good idea!
  • The strings: earbuds, phone chords, laptop charger chord. I know I could not live without earbuds on the plane because for one, music away from the crowd, and two, plane earbuds are not nice.
  • gum (duh)
  • Medicines, glasses, or a pair of contacts (if you have one): I wear contacts, so I keep a spare pair in my luggage and one in my backpack because I simply cannot see without them.  Same goes for medicine, daily medication you need to take everyday cannot simply be lost.
  • Warm sweater or cardigan: if you’re going somewhere hot and tropical, like Bali orCabo, wearing a long sleeve or pants does not exactly sound ideal.  The plane will be cold, so even thought it may be 90℉ at your destination, it is a good idea to have something that will keep you warm!
    • I always bring fuzzy socks because my feet are always too cold & that
  • Little nonsense: pens for luggage tags or a journal and for those visa cards to fill out if you’re going international, little hand sanitizer, hair ties, & facial wipes.

NOT to bring:

  • pillow pets: I’ll admit I have carried mine on a plane once before, but probably will not again just because it was a nuisance to carry around. When there was already so much in my bag, it is just another unnecessary thing to hold onto, and its too big to pack unless you want to waste precious souvenir space.
  • no brainers: sticky foods, things that could spill, water bottles. You can buy them after security.
  • jewelry: too easily lost and equally too valuable to lose


  • A journal
  • a book/magazine
  • sunglasses: after a long flight, your face may not be your best friend. Or if your stopping somewhere spontaneous between trips, they’re good to have on you!
  • that being said.. maybe some touch up makeup. BUT if you’re going to bring powder PUT IT IN A ZIP LOCK or closed off bag. the chance of the powder breaking in your bag is terrifying.

Anything else? Comment below 🙂

Getting ready for my trip to Asia! Will be posting about it daily 🙂 see you soon

Much Love,


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