My Trip To // Hong Kong and Zhongshan, China {part 1}

In spring of 2012, I raised funds to go on a 10 day mission trip to China with my high school.  China holds a special place in my heart, and I cherish this trip very much because I think it kind of pushed me in the right direction for my life path.

Our trip began in the city of Hong Kong where we walked some parts of the Victoria Peak trailIMG_0210 IMG_0212and Wong Tai Sin Temple

IMG_0187 IMG_0193I remember it was a cloudy, and chilly day. But I felt as if I were lifted into the clouds in such a tall city.

Then we ventured into the countryside, near the city of Zhongshan.  During these two days, we biked for miles through the country, stopping by local villages to converse with the people, with the help of our translators.  I remember how quickly me and my translator became friends, and how difficult it was to say goodbye.  This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget.  We got to see parts of China some people never will…China is SO green!

IMG_0297 IMG_0493 IMG_0475 IMG_0466 IMG_0457 IMG_0442 IMG_0380 IMG_0305

nonstop rain the first day, which resulted in a obscure haze, but beautiful nonetheless.

We celebrated Easter in a small church in the country where my best friend and I (tried to) lead Sunday school worship for the children.

IMG_0286 IMG_1901


fresh tofu

During this time we also visited a couple high schools, and ate the spinny table eight course meal almost every single day (dinner and lunch many of the times!) i remember I refused to eat Chinese food for about sixth months after this trip.  It was an interesting perspective to take on the East.

Next time: Beijing, The Great Wall, and Tiananmen Square!


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