California Cold

I think I forgot what the cold actually feels like, but my feeling towards the annoying, pinchy chill hasn’t changed.  Yet, since I’ve applied to some colleges that actually get seasons, I’ve been trying to like-or at least tolerate this little storm were having.

I did have a blast in the snow! Took a little day trip with the family up the mountain 🙂

IMG_8425 IMG_8456 IMG_8655

This cold weather has been a constant reminder for me that things are changing.  Not just the weather or time, but my entire life is about to be flipped all around in just a short six months.  Like the initial piercing touch of the winter air (ha, at 47 degrees…I’m such a wuss), its shocking.  As much as you would like to try to prepare for it, is something you never really will be prepared for until it’s forced upon you.  There is so much unknown: where I’m going to college, what is going to happen to my friends and family, and what am I going to do with my life?.  I don’t have control of whats going to happen, but just to hope and believe that the best is yet to come.  For now, just trying to seize every moment left of my senior year-to enjoy every patch of snow as it all beings to disappear.

But, the melting snow also hydrates all the life of the spring 🙂 pretty flowers and green grasses.  The snow is absorbed into my roots, and although everything is changing, my home will always be a part of me.  That is one thing I can count on.

hahaha I think I’ve gone a little too far with this metaphor, anyways

Happy New Year!

Much love,


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