Day 12 // Capri is for mi

Lasstt post about the trip! 😦

This is definitely my second favorite place (first Barcelona) that we went to on this trip. Our ship docked in Napoli, and from there we took about a 30 minute ferry to the beautiful isle of Capri.



The Blue Grotto is always something I’ve wanted to do, but it is so busy with tourists it would have turned out to be a 4+ hour excursion.  After the two long days of going on tours we didn’t feel like doing something like that; we wanted to relax and just enjoy the town!

We took the funicular up to the main center


Billionth picture of me overlooking some fantastic location.


Capri is known for their lemons, and I enjoyed the best lemonade slush I’ve ever had

DCIM100GOPROpretty pretty-and quite expensive sights! From designer stores to five-star hotels.

P1010385 P1010387 P1010392 P1010400


s/o to daddy ong for taking these candids

love love love.  We were desperately craving the beach so we hit the rocky shores




I’ll have to admit that I was a little uncomfortable at first with the rocks-not something I’m used to! But after swimming in the salty waters all my worries went away 🙂 This would be the perfect place for a honeymoon or if I ever had a need to just getaway from everything.

Some lemon gelato before we headed back to the ship to head home!


We spent the whole next day at sea to land back in Barcelona where our flight would be.

I am so fortunate to have gone on such a dream of a trip.  I didn’t think my love for traveling could have grown anymore than it did, but I was so so wrong.  I just want to jump into new places and soak everything in; I think traveling is something you have to do even if you life it or not.  It just opens your eyes and overall perspective on life-to put that in the most cliché way possible.

So what am I going to write about now? hahaha subscribe and find out ;P ❤

Much Love,


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