Day 11 // Roma

Roma mi amores! Where is my Paulo?

Our tour guide that day was named Paulo, very very Italian man.  Rome is a must see there is no doubt about it, I mean, by the number of impacted tourists I think you could guess that.  We trekked through the Colosseum to the Vatican!

Outside IMG_1746 IMG_1714


The Colosseum was built with bronze holdings…later the people returned to take the bronze, hence the holes all over the place!


the underground tunnels for the gladiators

the underground tunnels for the gladiators

smirkin' as usual

smirkin’ as usual


It amazes me how this was built in such an ancient time.  All types of animals, even elephants :,( would be brought in to fight against the Gladiators.  They even used to flood the inside and bring ships in for a water battle.

Many of these go-to sites were going under major renovation, I tried to avoid taking pictures of the scaffolding or construction sights in the Colosseum, but it was impossible with the Trevi Fountain 😦


sister was so so heartbroken, she even shed a little tear.  It is going under over a year of reconstruction!  We we’re bummed but it didn’t stop us from tossing in a coin into the little pool they had. oh whale.

Then we experienced the most picturesque lunch on the trip, rooftop style 🙂

crazy-chick fantasy: I decided black and white is going to be my wedding color scheme

crazy-chick fantasy: I decided black and white is going to be my wedding color scheme



another picture overlooking another grand city

Then to the Vatican! Did you know that Vatican City is actually considered its own country?

IMG_1781 IMG_1784





the steps were built so that horses could run up them! for royals. kind of like their version of an escalator apparently. You can barely see the incline here

Everyone goes because of the amazing architecture and artwork, but honestly it is jaw dropping.  Maybe that is because your head it always looking upwards?



it looks 3D right? but its FLAT.


But really tho, I got a headache after looking up for so long. I can’t believe Michelangelo spent years looking upwards…and painting something so magnificent.  No pictures or noise were allowed at the famous ceiling of God and Adam..sorry guys!

The Holy Door, only opened every 25 years on the Jubliee Year


Then into St. Peter’s Basilica

IMG_1818 IMG_1823 IMG_1833 IMG_1847



Where the pope lives!

"pope-y where you at?"

“pope-y where you at?”

The outside views



looking out Vatican City

IMG_1872 IMG_1868

oh I remember I was so relived to get fresh air haha. Such wonderful sights, but I definitely have to say getting through the entire thing was pretty tough-cramped corners, tons of people, and heat.

Until next time Rome 🙂

The next post is my very last post about the trip! *sighs* One more gorgeous place! Other than Barcelona it was my favorite, so you’re going to want to go and check it out 🙂 subscribe if you like !

Much Love,


oo took another look at this to realize how exhausted (and oily!) I look in these pictures..oh man..haha

it was a tiring day! but no complaints here ❤

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