Day 10 // Pisa and Florence

I remember this was a very long and hot day, but we got in some great sights which made it all worth it.  The ship docked right in the middle between Pisa and Florence, about an hour or so away from each by our tour bus.  Any other time I would’ve thought these long drives to be utterly inconvenient and annoying, but because of late nights on the ship and not much rest I was so grateful to catch some extra zzzs!

Our tour group was smaller, which was really nice.  If there is an option to take a smaller group tour I highly recommend it; it may cost a little more, but it is so so worth it.  More personal, less stressful, more enjoyable-I mean just looking at those massive waves of people gave me anxiety.  We headed out early around 7-7:30am (yikes!) and took about an hour and a half drive to the magnificent Pisa.


the square


cute little thing in the back


see us?

see us?

P1010226 IMG_1590 IMG_1651


you can still get to the top! But with our time we decided not to do that.  It is smaller than I imagined it to be, although nonetheless awe-ing.  BIG TIP: GO EARLY. We got there around 8am, and you can see there are quite a number of people around, too many to be able to take the pictures without a stranger in the background.  But by 8:30am, the place was entirely flooded; you have to wiggle around people, mostly groups of ‘leaning’ picture takers.  I wish I stopped and took a picture of every person that did that oh-so tourist ‘push’ pose against the Pisa..could’ve made an entire album full (an a very amusing one at that).

It didn’t seem like much time until we jumped back on the bus for a two-hour ride (nap #2!) to Florence!

stopped to look over the city <3

stopped to look over the city ❤

After this picturesque moment we headed to the Academia where the infamous ‘David’ stands.  Being one of the most visited cities by tourists, it took a while to get into the museum, and that was with a scheduled visit with a tour.  I guess that is tip #2 ! Tours can be great especially for these tourist saturated, must-see, places.  Everyone wants to see the David, but not everyone at once can enter in the same time (obviously).  Private tours can save you some time and stress-I’m not saying you won’t wait in a line at all, but probably a lot less (and a lot less of a headache) when everything is planned out for you.

The David.  There is so much detail and attention to this one piece-it kind of blows your mind away: the muscles, veins, stance.  David is intended as the ‘perfect’ physique..well except for his oversized hands.  Make no mistake, that was no a mistake (heh)! Completely intended as the focal point by the genius artist.  We were so fortunate to be able to take pictures..and legally!  This is the first year ever that they are allowing photographs to be taken of The David.



yup booty

yup booty

After gawking for a bit our tour guide we headed back out to the streets.

IMG_1687 IMG_1690


Clock Tower

Our route to lunch conveniently took us to the Basilica di Santa Maria de Fiore-the Duomo. 🙂


It was at least 95 degrees (F) that day, and by this point I was starving…you can see the shininess of our faces lol. After relaxing we got to spend a little time to shop and wander

IMG_1699 IMG_1701

florence is known for their leather

florence is known for their leather..I got a buffalo skin wallet

..and see the bridge!

IMG_1706 IMG_1707


Hot day but happy me 🙂 I wish we got to spend more time here to get a real feel for the city.  I guess that means I’ll just have to go back then! ;P

Much love,


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