Day 8 // Nice, France

The day was spent across the French Riviera-caught a tour that would take us to the expanse from Nice to Monaco.  Our ship ferried us to the little town of Villefranche to start…


From here it was a bout a 15 minute drive to our first stop-Nice! I could not believe how buses moved in and around this area.  Such narrow streets and close corners-there were some moments I thought we were going to crash into a building completely.  This also made me realize how much I did not like tours, but I couldn’t complain.  It was the best way to be able to reach both the places we wanted to see and keep safely in the amount of time we had-some of the people we met that weren’t on the tour barely made it back to the ship in time.  This tour didn’t guide us through every street either-just a drop off and pick up from the bus.

Nice is very nice ;P .


wooden playground in the background

IMG_1406 IMG_1459

Me and my dad went straight to the beach, which was about a 5 minute walk from the center! It was my very first experience on a rocky shore, and although lounging there did not seem too pleasant in comparison to the soft sands of CA, I enjoyed every minute of it.  There were not many people = not much noise, which allowed you to hear the gentle roll and touch of the stones as the water pulled in and out: very meditating.  Oddly one of my most memorable moments of the entire trip..just soo peaceful.


wearing two of my best friends on my wrists <3 It's funny..they got me those bracelets on their trips to Europe!

wearing two of my best friends on my wrists


🙂 I remember being a little nervous because I was afraid I ruined my shoes lol

I also got to check “topless tanning in France” off my summer bucket list 😉 ! I’ll spare you the picture of that one though.

Then we strolled back to the center of course to take a gander at the lovely little farmer’s market.  I felt like I was the little Madeline from Paris (the cartoon? coincidence?) and had lived there all my life.  I kept thinking what a relaxing life it would be to have a little apartment here: eat in little cafes, run on the boardwalk, rest on warm stones and cool water, buy groceries from the farmer’s market, etc etc. ugh. I feel the nostalgia coming on.

IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1473

more marzipan!

more marzipan! We bought plenty of these (but not the piggys!)

so much detail in just one little bite

so much detail in just one little bite

IMG_1478 IMG_1479

how can you go to France and not try some of the local cheese!?

how can you go to France and not try some of the local cheese?

Sweetest 17yr old (like me !) who worked the cheese stand with his aunt.

new friend 🙂 sells local cheese

homemade marshmellows

homemade marshmallows

 and can't forget the macaroons

and can’t forget the macaroons !….BOMB btw

So many lovely tastes and smells; we didn’t even buy souvenirs because we spent most (if not all of our Euro that day) on food!  And then we found the local candy store…

candied fruit in the window

candied fruit in the window


chocolate animal orchestra !

chocolate animal orchestra !

We enjoyed ourselves so much we lost track of time…which caused us to be a little late for the bus..oops.  The other people on the tour may not have liked us, but I liked Nice 🙂

More on Monaco tomorrow 🙂

Much love,


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