Day 7 // Marseilles, France

Marseilles! A town located right on the port.  So cute-very stereotypical of what you would imagine of an old Mediterranean town.  My family didn’t feel like doing the tour thing today (plenty of those the next couple days), so we just took the ferry and ventured off ourselves.

We were first greeted by The Cathedral de la Major


After walking down the streets for a bit we found the center.  Marseilles is the oldest city in all of France!


Notre-Dame de la Garde in the background

IMG_1274 IMG_1298

We were lucky enough to catch the morning fisherman’s market-locals sold fish they literally caught that morning.


yeah there are a couple seahorses


so fresh some were still living !

It was a national holiday that day, so most of the local stores were closed (which we were kind of bummed about).  But at the same time since it was a holiday, not many people were out at all (except for crowds of tourists).  It was nice to stroll the streets without heavy traffic.



IMG_1308 IMG_1310



We did come across an artisan soap shop that was too cute not to include-Marseilles is known for their traditional soaps made from vegetable oils.

IMG_1313 IMG_1315 IMG_1314

We stopped for some ‘lunch’ which equaled to a triple scoop ice cream sundae..and that was just for me ;P

met the most charming French waiter.  I think from our faces you can tell how goo-goo eyed we went for this one lol


While me and my dad wanted to adventure around some more, my little sister wasn’t feeling very well so her and mom headed back to the ship.

We took an attitude of “might as well since we’re here” and decided to hitch the city bus (with a lot of struggle) and took a very windy uphill drive to Notre-Dame de la Garde (remember the last picture?).  It is a beyond GORGEOUS basilica  that sits on top the highest point in Marseilles-looking over the city.

the view

the view


It was built and designed by architect Henri-Jaques Espérandieu-completed in 1864.

The crypt

IMG_1366 IMG_1369 IMG_1368

We climbed a narrow staircase..


I was already pretty amazed by this, so I had comprehension of how blind sighting-ly beautiful the actual chapel would be

IMG_1371 IMG_1372 IMG_1373 IMG_1380


And even though I loved the church, this statue was probably my favorite sight.  Aweing.


We enjoyed our time coming back down..

enjoyed some street snacks of course


candied peanuts

All in all, if you’re looking for an exciting place to be and tons of activities to do, then Marseilles probably would not be for you.  But this little fishermen’s town makes for a perfect day trip to enjoy just being in France! ~ (and life and happiness and just..ahh I miss Europe)

Another post from another place tomorrow! pinky promise ❤

Much love,


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