Day 6 // onto a cruise…with difficulty

Today we boarded the Liberty of the Seas Royal Caribbean cruise to continue our trip around the Med! Its the second largest boat in their fleet, and I feel like I’m living in another small city-with pool and surfing thingy, gym and sport facilities, spa, theater and art gallery, promenade, clubs and casinos, multiple restaurants and shops, and even a ice skating rink..etc etc. This is my 6th cruise to date, 5th with Royal Caribbean, and probably the busiest one I’ve ever been to-so many people.

It’s a seven day cruise; we unpacked all of our clothing in our suite and went out to discover everything about this place. We are set to head off to Marseilles, France tonight!

Since I am out at sea, it’s impossible to get any wifi until we land in port. And even now or then I don’t know if I’ll be able to get connection to anyone, including the blog! :,( which means these posts may be stalled for a bit. Even trying to write this was a real struggle; I’ll still write and take pictures of course when I get the time! (things are going to be a whole lot busier) But if you don’t hear from me I am sorry my friends. these posts will come whenever I get the opportunity…just maybe the pictures later.

Maybe this no wifi or social media will be good for me; A forced, but much needed detox from all this stuff. I remember last time I went on a cruise the only social media was Facebook-instagram didn’t even exist. But wasn’t it a whole lot easier then?

Hasta Luego ! ❤

Much love,

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