Day 1 // Traveling from LA to Pamplona

okay good night, afternoon, or morning or whatever from wherever you are ! Its Wednesday morning, 5am here in Pamplona right now, but for home (CA) I think its like 8pm on Tuesday.

Yesterday or Monday was spent flying, driving, walking, etc.  International travel days are always kind of confusing.  Because of the time change it gets a little confusing when trying to define the difference between yesterday, today, and tomorrow haha




We had a red-eye flight coming out of LAX to Madrid-about 11-12 hours.  From there we took a very little jet-30 minute flight for Pamplona!


flying into Pamplona

flying into Pamplona


walked off the plane to see this 🙂

dad's selfies and our oh so charming driver <3

dad’s selfies and our oh so charming driver, Gorka  ❤ 😛

Our hotel is located right outside the Pamplona citadel in a small side city-about 5 minutes away.  Since it is the festival of the ‘Running of the Bulls’ (hint hint to next post!), literally everyone is wearing strictly red and white…even shoes and bags and hair accessories!  Also since it is the festival, most shops here are taking holiday hours, which means most close around 2pm everyday.

We arrived around 5pm, dropped our bags in our rooms, and went out to toggle around the little city, grabbed a bite to eat, etc.  Not wearing the color code made us stick out SO much more than usual lol.  My three years of spanish (or what I can remember from it) has somewhat come in handy!

cute bakery we stopped at

cute bakery we stopped at

la galletas

la galletas

The matadors are staying at the same hotel, and we were lucky enough to catch them before they left for the nightly bull fight!  Apparently, the big bull fighters in Barcelona are held of equivalent status to a NBA player back in the states.  Pretty exciting.


we look rough, they look tough

Around 10pm we went into the heart of Pamplona.  While our side city is altogether peaceful, and mostly tourist free, Pamplona is anything but.  It’s loud, colorful, always teeming with people (in red and white of course); the party is nonstop from dawn to dusk, and I’m not exaggerating!

IMG_0522 IMG_0523IMG_0529

IMG_0532 IMG_0535

We went around some street vendors–bought touristy items of course. 😛


all white and red-there were many of these

all white and red-there were many of these

dad’s favoriteIMG_0543 IMG_0546

The people, the noise, the excitement is exhilarating–if Pamplona is this beautiful at night, I can’t imagine how much better it will be during the day tomorrow. 🙂

the only drawback is that is it surprisingly a little cold here, and with me, thinking “summer summer summer” didn’t really pack any cold clothing except for a denim jacket and brandy sweater (how typical right)..whoops!

I think I got like two and a half hours of sleep. WOO–busy busy busy day today!  I promise more exciting events and prettier pictures! ❤

Much love,


….I would’ve posted this like four hours ago, but the wifi caused the photos to take centuries to load >:/

3 thoughts on “Day 1 // Traveling from LA to Pamplona

  1. Hannah says:

    Can we just talk about how hot ur driver was?!? Hahaha love u and miss u! Can’t wait to read and see more

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