“My Trip To” // Kotor, Montenegro

Sooooo I have about a day before we leave, and I still have not packed; I should be packing at the moment instead of blogging, but well..here I am haha.  To be honest, I think I’m stalling; I have this constant fear that my suitcase is going to get lost somehow.

Tip: When traveling with family/multiple suitcases, split the luggage.  Put half of your stuff in your suitcase and the other half in your family members/the other suitcase (and vice versa).  Pack in each suitcase enough to last for a couple of days on their own..if that makes any sense haha. This way, by the possible awful terrible chance that one suitcase gets lost, at least you’ll have some items to hold you down in the other one.  Better losing a little then everything! This happened to me and my sister on my family trip to Maui several years ago; we shared a suitcase, and that was the one that was lost. My parents had everything, but me and her had to buy clothing from the hotel store to last the day.  They found it fortunately! But close call.


If you’ve gone to Disneyland here in CA, there is a storybook ride where you sail through a whale’s mouth and into the storybook land (i think thats the term?).  You go through miniature recreations of each ‘kingdom’ and story book tale: Cinderella’s castle, the sultan’s palace from Aladdin, the three pigs’ houses, and even the Ariel’s underwater kingdom.  Kotor looked just like one of these little fairytale places; I felt like I had just jumped into a storybook.  I’d never even heard of this country before I came–it is definitely a one-of-a-kind place!

Views from ship sailing into port:



DSCF3084 DSCF3087 DSCF3088 DSCF3093 DSCF3096


So cute right?

wandering into the city:

CIMG1035 CIMG1031 DSCF3141

tight, maze-like corners

tight, maze-like corners


DSCF3161 CIMG1038


not a very appealing picture, but you can see the buildings. My sister and I and some friends we met on the ship from Chicago


Church of St. Lukas

Then we came across the farmer’s market









So this is when our keens actually came in handy for once haha. This city was first “mentioned” in 168 BC, settled in during Ancient Roman times.  The kings who ruled, specifically Emperoro Justinian built massive fortresses to protect the city, and although they have had to endured multiple trials from war, to earthquakes, etc. They still stand today (with some fixing along the way).  We climbed up St. John’s fortress–1350 steps !


can you see us!?


starting out..


getting higher


took a stop halfway

DSCF3172DSCF3184 DSCF3185 it was a tiring hike, but all the while worth it


the flag of Montenegro



We made it!


love love love this wanderlust bug

Much love,



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