“My Trip To” // Paris, France

My family’s trip to Paris was also on the same trip of my Mediterranean cruise; we were never meant to actually go there, but it was a wonderfully unexpected excursion.  Paris was the lay over destination between California to Istanbul.  Because of a delay, my family would have been stuck in the airport for about 9 hours, so my dad spontaneously decided to get on the subway and go to the Eiffel Tower! I mean, if you’re stuck in Paris you might as well right? I remember my mother being so anxious in fear we would miss our flight–it was pretty exciting.

The tower surprises you.  My dad literally just asked random locals which direction it was in from the subway and we walked until it hit us.  I had to take a double take when I first spotted it!

first sighting !

first sighting !

We had just been on a 12-14 hour flight so we look pretty rough, but absolutely elated.

lol at our clothing

lol at our clothing


me trying to be artsy

me trying to be artsy




cloudy day, but beautiful nonetheless! I can’t believe how clean and pretty the street and city buildings are.  No matter the weather, pretty magnificent


strolling the streets

Two days to gooooo! 🙂

Much love,




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