Beach adventure: Victoria St., Laguna Beach, CA


Look how sick that is. A couple days ago me and my friend decided to go secret beach searching, and we came across this beaut.  Only the locals know about it around here apparently, and I know many would like to keep it out of tourists reach.  Our original plan was to go to Shaw’s Cove tide pools, but there was absolutely NO I guess we’ll have to save that for another day!

It tools us about 40min to an hour to actually find Victoria’s beach once we got to Laguna..and all the while worth it.  The stairway to reach the beach is tucked away in one of Laguna’s many residential neighborhoods; we had to (nonchalantly) follow a resident to find it.
IMG_1341 IMG_1344

it opened up to the semi-private beach..SO pretty! The water was so clear, which is surprising for other beach standards.  Huntington the water is almost black (yuck): just going to show how secluded and uncontaminated it is in comparison.

After we got to this spot we wandered for a bit until we caught sight of side tidal rocks, and followed that direction.  After some climbing and wandering over private resident beaches (still open to public, we did not trespass), we found it.


There was NO ONE there except me, my friend, and another stranger.  The beach is quite small, hugging the cliffside.  The tidal rocks circled the area (you can kind of see here), and when high tide comes in, the sand is almost completely taken over so you got to be careful about the timing!  Definitely not a swimming beach, just a “touch my feet in” kind of thing.  We had a wonderful time just sitting and admiring the scenery.


me and the tower

me and the tower

The tower was built in 1929, by a resident at the time.  There is a spiraling stairway inside, but the door is locked (forever I assume).  So so crazy that it is still here. If you’re ever feeling adventurous, and have a day to waste, you should check it out! If you can find it ; )

Happy Summer days
Much Love,

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